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My Classic Riverland Summer Platters

Posted by Sue Heward on

Singing Magpie Produce

Let's face it you don't need a recipe for a platter, well I don't think so.

Some say it's a whole sensory experience- that is probably true.

I often don't get much chance to plan a platter, beyond making sure I have a range of produce and nibbles in the fridge and pantry. Platters just happen in our house, when friends drop by for impromptu Friday arvo drinks.

It is Summer time, when it's too hot we eat platters, whatever is available and yum. Our fresh and dried figs, quince and pecans are just perfect staples.

I try to keep a camembert or brie in the fridge.

Everything else is up for grabs.

My only rules are:

Try to go local. I try to have as much local produce stashed in the fridge as I can fit.

Mix colours and texture.

Some people don't like food getting alittle mixed up or a little dribble of oil from a nearby olive. Its doesn't bother me but I do try my best to remember this when they come round.

Have plenty of serviettes.

Happy Feasting


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  • Helen, thanks so much for your glorious feedback. It means alot to get feedback on our products and service.

    Sue Heward on
  • Received my figs yesterday and they are simply divine. Sue has been brilliant with her correspondence and I could not be happier with either the product or the service. Will definitely have my name down for next year’s order and many more to come. Keep up the good work and know that it is greatly appreciated.

    Helen on

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