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Hot Cross Buns - Recipe recommendations

Posted by Sue Heward on

Easter Baking Inspirations - Recommended Recipes

To complement our Easter Baker's Bundles, we've gathered a collection of must-try recipes for making hot cross buns, each bringing a unique twist to this timeless Easter classic:

  • Tilly’s fruity Hot Cross Buns: I simply replaced the fruit in this recipe with our spectacular diced fruit mix and candied citrus peel. A beautifully soft fragrant bun. Special. Check it out.
  • Flour and Stone - Nadine Ingram's Hot Cross Buns: A masterpiece of flavor and texture. Read More And a recent twist on this recipe here from Gourmet Traveller.
  • Delicious Magazine - Helena Moursellas's Fig and Walnut Hot Cross Buns with cinnamon butter. I did add some caramel chocolate and I love the crunch in this recipe. Read More
  • Amy Minichiello's Traditional Take with a quince twist: Dive into the nostalgia of Easter with this recipe with a twist of sun dried quince. Explore
  • Kath's Hot Cross Loaf: For those who love a loaf with the Easter flavours. Discover
  • Emelia Jackson's Hot Cross Buns - Three Ways: Get creative with these variations. Learn How
  • The Clever Carrot's Best Sourdough Hot Cross Buns: Elevate your bakes with a sourdough twist. Check It Out
  • Breadspot20's Insightful Recipe and History: Not just a recipe, but a journey through the origins of hot cross buns. Dive Deeper
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